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Fences and Gates

"Fences and gates" the two words go together seamlessly. We have been building fences long enough to know, the first part of a fence to show wear and tear is the gate. You can have a beautiful fence, but if the gate doesn't work properly it can be a constant source of irritation and aggravation. We at Killeen Fence Company can feel your pain. There is story of a boy and a gate that goes along with this.

The Boy and his Gate

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was quite smaller than the other children his age. He enjoyed the outdoors, and loved to play in his yard. There was only one problem. He could never get in his back yard because his fence gate sagged all the way into the ground. He tried to lift it so he could swing it open, but it was much too heavy. He even tried to pry the top of the gate, so he might squeeze in, and ended scratching his back pretty badly. It was no use.
 He asked his parents "why can't our gates be fixed?", and his parents told him a story of how all the good quality fence builders of old had disappeared mysteriously in the blink of an eye. They also told him of the prophecy; that one day, the chosen one will rise and skill, quality workmanship (,and FREE Estimates) will follow in his foot steps.
 No longer will children and adults have to drag gates through soil and rock.....unfortunately.....the little boy grew up, and the chosen one never appeared, so he fought this gate throughout his entire childhood………
                                     ....................Time past and the little boy became a man
....and this man started a little company….

 ....and skill and quality workmanship followed in his footsteps.