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Water Seal Treatment

Your Fence vs. the Elements

Most of our customers would like to keep up with the maintenance of their fence product. We have come to understand that time is a limited commodity for many. This year Killeen Fence Company has begun offering a water sealing service for our customers.

We do have an informative page of  How to Water Seal for your convenience.  

  Can't find the time, or don't want the hassle of water sealing your fence or deck? We will do it for you, and do a great wood sealant treatment at a reasonable rate! Killeen Fence Company is now offering a water sealing service for your fence and deck maintenance needs. We use Olympic brand sealers and we have never heard anything but praise for the quality of their water sealant. It costs a few dollars more than many other water sealant products, but you do save money in the long run.