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"The Benjamin" Trim-top Fence Project

Dec. 2009

This week we are building "The Benjamin" Trim-top Fence Design

"Beautiful Fences help to make a Beautiful World"

This week we get to have some fun. A customer is going to allow us to build "The Benjamin" Trim-top privacy fence design. This fencing design will be similar to a Trim-top fence design we built about a month ago. We hope to dedicate this fence to the March of Dimes and we are naming it "The Benjamin" after the son which we lost a few years ago.  My wife was diagnosed with incompetent cervix too late to save Ben, but it is our hope that advancements can be made to diagnose sooner to prevent the loss of children...

Proceeds from this fence design are donated to The March Of Dimes!
"Beautiful Fences help make a Beautiful World"

This fence will be dressed up quite a bit.

Fence Building Begins

The fence posts were set yesterday! Tomorrow we will proceed with the next step.

Today we got the fence runners up… 
                                                                              ...and the fence boards.

Rain slows fence installation

Today we installed our finishing boards for the sections, cut the posts, and began the trim work. We did get pictures of our progress on this fence project, but first we had to do some clean up. Killeen Fence Company had a special helper to assist with the fence clean up duties! Hope you enjoy!

The yard is clear of debris. A tidy yard makes a happy customer.
Now it's time to play!

Weather strikes again!

Unfortunately, due to yesterdays weather, fence production was slow today. All circumstances considered, we are pleased with what was accomplished on this fence design; and more importantly, so is our customer!
It was an overcast day "not good for taking pictures of fences. Tomorrow, our company will continue were we left off.

"Good things come to those who wait"

We did finish our fencing project today, and take photos. The fence turned out beautifully! We will post the homeowners review soon!