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May Project in Progress

   This week we are enclosing two neighboring yards with a newly designed Staggered Spindle Lattice Fence. I built a small prototype fence, and tested it by slamming it top-first into a concrete pad. The customers were impressed by the design's strength to say the least. The solid board bottom has a staggered effect, which alternate between 4 inch wide pickets and 6 inch wide pickets. One board is smooth-cut while the other is rough-cut, which gives this fence design some nice texture. The difference in board thickness additionally give this fence some added depth and definition. I really liked the differences in color of the different cuts of wood. The lattice section also alternates between 2 and 4 inch spindles.   
  Killeen Fence Company would like to thank all of our customers that employ and allow us to build our beautiful fence designs.

The creation of the Elite Fence Gate

Pictured to the right is the beginnings of our new exclusive Elite Gate Design. The idea was to design a fence gate built to last. It is very rare that a design works just as well when building as it does on paper. I was not disappointed; and more importantly, neither was the customer. This is what the finished product originally was supposed to look like. After I built it, I had to stand back and admire my new gate design, but I kept getting the feeling that something was missing. Rarely do I question or ignore myself, when I get that nagging feeling. So.....I figured it out!

Finishing Touches

The home owners were thoroughly impressed with the final product. When I relayed the idea of the fence pickets running lengthwise, they were thrilled with the concept. This was not an easy design to pull of by any stretch, but it was a joy to work on. I actually enjoyed the challenge that this particular gate design presented. I can't go into details here, but I will say there is no margin for error on this gate design. 

Evolution of the Elite Gate

I stated previously that we are enclosing two yards. The neighbor was on vacation at the time fence construction was in progress. I have full confidence in my own fence designs; but still, without a customer present for their opinion, I didn't want them to return from their vacation disappointed. Although, one customer liked the "phase Two" Elite gate, someone else might not. Killeen Fence Company acknowledges everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences. It is what makes God's final creation so magnificent, "choice". 
     So...I decided to "tone it down".

 I must have hit the nail on the head, this particular fence gate design has been very popular this year.