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Post Caps from Killeen Fencing

Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative that also helps to protect your investment? The purpose of a post cap is to protect the exposed grain against moisture getting into your posts. In turn, while not fail proof, this helps to prevent warping and splitting. Here at Killeen Fencing, we offer many post cap options that not only add beauty to your fence posts, but also help to protect them against the effects of the weather.

Glass Tiffany-Style Post Caps

Fence and Deck Solar-Powered Post Cap Lighting & Accessories

Wood Post Caps

Killeen Fence Company Custom Post Caps

  Our Post caps are more than just a decoration. Some are the signature of generations of family fence builders. Post caps are not only highly decorative, but they also protect the post against the elements. We have heard of companies cutting the tops of the posts to shed water, but that still doesn't protect the exposed grain of the wood post. We don't mind the extra steps we take to manufacture our post caps, quality products normally do take a few extra steps.
  We at Killeen Fence Company have many fence options we offer, sacrificing quality is not one of them.