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Dog Containment 101: Our Answer/Options for Digging Pets

   Many of our customers have voiced their concerns for their digging pets, and have asked the Killeen Fence Company house of ideas to come up with a solution. Many of our customers purchase fences for the sole purpose of keeping their 4-legged companions safely in their yard, but what if their companion digs beneath the fence to go find some K-9 buddies? This not only presents a problem for the pets safety, but also brings worry and potential fines to their guardians as well. Typically, the dog will come back, but are often found injured or picked up by animal control.

  In our experience, we can run the fence boards into the ground but a digging dog "will" dig; and that is something we can't change....or can we? Since we are the fence company that gives our customer the choice, we decided to explore several different options. Some are more expensive than others, but we like offering options to suit each individuals needs and preferences; after all, it is "your" yard we are talking about, not ours.

Option A: Wire Fence Ground Barrier Solution $$$$                                  
  This is our most economical solution and more pet friendly than a shock collar fence. A galvanized wire mess is attached to the bottom fence runner and folded to lay flat on the ground and anchored. Over the course of time the grass begins to grow through the wire mesh, thus making it more secure and less visible. When the dog goes to dig their claws hit the mesh.

  Although, this is our most economical solution, as you can see from the picture the area attached to the fence for this option is not the prettiest, and so we move on to option B.

Option B: Option A with Fence Design Upgrade $$$$
  Our next step up would simply make the wire barrier that attaches to the fence invisible and more secure. While upgrading the fence design does make this solution slightly more expensive (not ridiculously), the trade-off for the eye appeal plus added strength makes it well worth spending the extra cash. This is done by upgrading the fence design to a fence that has a bottom trim piece or "kick board". Wire barrier works best if it is planned ahead of fence installation and attached to fence pickets during installation, and not be an afterthought.

Option C: Gardeners Wire Fence Ground Barrier $$$$
This option makes your ground barrier completely invisible and also gives you the opportunity the make your backyard living space absolutely beautiful. For this option we install the wire ground barrier beneath the fence and lay a weed tarp over it. Next, we install a border of your choice and add mulch. Skies are the limit when it comes to garden shapes and patterns, and as always each customer is different. We can leave the planting to you, or we would be happy to assist you in making your backyard picture perfect.

Option D: Concrete Property Border $$$$
This option is a very permanent solution and is very expensive. With this option we are using Metal Posts Only, no exceptions. weep holes are placed to prevent flooding.