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Green Leaf Picket Fence

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Fence Project in Progress Jan 2010

Have you ever wondered why when you make a fence purchase you get stuck with the framework side of the fence, while everyone else gets a beautiful fence? We at Killeen Fence Company have wondered the same thing. This year we are introducing the "picture perfect" line. These Fence designs are two years in the making. Both sides will be identical and stronger than a conventional fence design. Our normal fencing techniques are applied further minimize warping.

This week we are building a new design and an Entry arbor at the fence gate. The lattice work is going to be stick built on site to eliminate waste. This fence was completed Saturday. We were unable to stop and take pictures because our finishing touches of the fence design were completed after dark to meet our time line. We will post fence completion photos Monday!

Beautiful Fences help to make a Beautiful World

 We are dedicating this fence design to this purpose, aptly named "The Green Leaf Picket Fence". Usually we are very particular about fence clean up, but that pile of debris next to the coffee cup, is all the debris generated from this fence design. We are proud of the very small footprint this fence design will leave in our environment. We also want to take the time to mention, Water Sealing not only doubles the life of your fence, but also is scientifically proven to reduce the release of preservative chemicals of outdoor lumber.